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Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA)

In 1995 the CGIAR established an Impact Assessment and Evaluation Group (IAEG) as a result of a proposal in the Lucerne Declaration and Action Program to "strengthen the assessment of the CGIAR's performance and impact by establishing an independent evaluation function reporting to the CGIAR as a whole." An independent IAEG, reported to the Group as a whole and to the CGIAR Chairman between meeting of the CGIAR. The Third System Review of the CGIAR concluded in October 1998 that the current committee structure should be streamlined " improve effectiveness and efficiency, and to ensure compatibility with other proposed changes in System-level governance". Following this recommendation, at MTM99, the Group decided to integrate IAEG with TAC while maintaining its independent identity.

The terms of reference of the Science Council Standing Panel on Impact Assessment are to:

  • facilitate the strengthening of the CGIAR's ex-post impact assessment capabilities;
  • provide guidance and oversight to impact assessment activities, and recommend appropriate action by the CGIAR and/or the Centers; and
  • ensure that the design and conduct of evaluations document the impact of the CGIAR as a System.

Science Council/SPIA consists of a Chair and two members who serve in their personal capacities, and are appointed initially for renewable two-year terms. As in the case of Science Council members, the Cosponsors serve as a search and selection committee and propose the appointment of the SPIA chair and members to the CGIAR for endorsement. The chair of SPIA is a member of the Science Council. The SPIA meets at least twice annually, interacts closely with the Inter-Center Working Group on Impact Assessment, commissions studies, organizes meetings and workshops with center staff and evaluation experts. It presents an annual report and, as well, thematic reports to the CGIAR on the System's impact.

Standing Panel on Strategies and Priorities

  • purpose: to facilitate the Science Council's work in ensuring the relevance of science conducted in the CGIAR System
  • Standing Panel on Monitoring and Evaluation

  • purpose: to facilitate the Science Council's work in enhancing science quality in the CGIAR

    Standing Panel on Mobilizing Science

  • purpose: to facilitate the Science Council's work in catalyzing and mobilizing global scientific capacity